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From Australia & introduced to Europe by blues master Dave Hole in 1994, Rob Tognoni delivers a 100% powerfully charged experience with every performance. There is simply no compromise, which is strongly evident in his music. After 30 years his explosive guitar playing and unique songs are now being compared with the greats of his genre and have firmly established him in the European venues & festivals as well as gaining many fans of hard blues rock worldwide.

Born Robert John Tognoni in Ulverstone, on Tasmania's North-West Coast in 1960, Rob's childhood was fairly sheltered from music except for his mother's singing around home and her pantomime performances as "Al Jolson" in local community halls. Tasmania in the 1960's was isolated and blues music was not that well known except for white country gospel music until the early 1970's.

Around 1972, Rob began to listen to his older sister's records and started to discover diversities of music from BB King, Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs, Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Tony Joe White to Elton John & Slade. Rob didn't discriminate between blues, blues rock or was all great to his ears, it all seemed to have it's place.

In early 1974 Rob suffered a blow that deeply affected him. His Italian immigrant father was struck by a car and subsequently killed. Soon after, Rob became obsessed with the guitar as an escape from his depression regarding his father's death.

The defining musical moment in Rob's life was by chance at the age of 14 going to see a relatively new band on the scene touring from mainland Australia - AC/DC. He could not believe what he heard...this was it, this incredible power with high charged guitars.

Rob started churning out those simple, basic power chords made famous by this influential band. But something else was developing...more than just the power chords. An emotive blues feel was becoming more evident in his playing, and as quoted a few years later by a local newspaper journalist

"Rob could become one of the world's best blues players if he gets the right breaks..."

In 1983, a year after his marriage to Leonnie and birth of their only daughter Anastasia, he decided to start a band with the intention of his own style of song writing and guitar playing. 

With the influences of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and blues masters of the likes of BB King, Rob and some local musicians started Skidrow Boys. The band enjoyed the chance to gig in clubs around Tasmania, but within 2 years Rob felt the need to move on to improve and gain the much needed experience that has been honed into his style and playing today.

In late 1985 Rob moved to Melbourne and managed to secure a job with a touring covers band playing chart material. Not used to playing this style he decided to quit the band as soon as a replacement was found. The replacement was found in Queensland so Rob and his family settled in the cane growing town of Nambour.

At this stage of his career he had never sang and was forced into the position when the new band that he was putting together could not find a suitable singer - The Outlaws formed.

Within 4 months The Outlaws had gone on to collect 3 categories at the 20th Annual Queensland Rock Awards at the Roxy in Brisbane at the end of 1986. (Best guitarist, best drummer and best band) Tognoni and band had earned themselves a reputation of not tolerating bullshit and refusing to bow to trends within the industry...this built up a huge following for the band.

The Outlaws located to Melbourne in late 1989 and were invited by cult Australian band The Angels (Angel City) who inspired bands such as Guns 'n' Roses, to place a then recent demo song of Rob's, I Got You ? You Got Me on The Angels upcoming EP release, The Dogs Are Talking in May 1990 along with The Hurricanes and the then newly formed Baby Animals. The Outlaws changed their name to The Desert Cats just before the

Backed by a 4 week national tour the bands played sell-out gigs and achieved #7 on the Australian Mainstream Charts. The release achieved gold status. Previous to this, Rob was approached by management to form the Baby Animals with Suze DeMarchi. Believing in his own music, he turned the offer down.

The Desert Cats disbanded due to poor third party management. Trying to pick up the pieces, Rob re-assembled the Outlaws with a new line up but the band failed to gain sufficient industry attention so it disbanded for the last time in 1992. During their career the band had played with many greats including Lonnie Mack, Joe Walsh & the late Roy Buchanan.

Rob then decided to head back to Queensland where he played acoustic guitar in restaurants for the following years to scratch out a living.

"I was living in Queensland playing in restaurants to make a living after spending years performing around Australia trying to secure a long term record deal from a label that truly believed in what I was about. I received a phone call from an old buddy of mine, Mark McCormack in Melbourne (approx. 2000km south) who had a recording studio. He asked me to come to Melbourne to record a couple of songs for free. He even paid for the bus ticket.

I needed two new songs, so in a period of a week, I wrote The Good Die Young (a song about my deceased father) and a fun, meaningless kind of a song called Itty Bitty Mama. I organized by phone a few other buddies from Melbourne to play with me at Marks studio.

We recorded the songs over two days and I headed back to Queensland with a cassette copy. I always had a strong belief in what I was doing but hope was beginning to fade as I was becoming increasingly jaded...

Two years previous to this, I had seen on TV, an Australian guitarist by the name of Dave Hole get a record deal from Alligator Records in the US. I was so thrilled to see someone from Australia get the break they deserve - and he deserved it. I wrote him a letter c/o the TV station to congratulate him. Dave received the letter and wrote back to me.

Two years later and out of pure frustration, I sent the cassette of 'The Good Die & 'Itty Bitty Mama' to Dave along with the letter he had sent back to me two years previous...he remembered...and phoned me. He said he was heading to Europe for a tour and was going to present the two songs to his record company there. Two months later...I received a phone call from the label, offering me a deal. I have since released 4 albums with them and have toured Europe annually since... I invited Mark (McCormack) to engineer my first album and co-produce my second...and paid him back for the bus fare!"

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Press Quotes

"Only Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray Vaughan could shake hands with him if they were alive. Tognoni has something that only few guitarists have: character and his own style..." Music Machine

"Australian Rob Tognoni is one of the finest guitar players around today. His work is a combination of classic rock, blues & blues rock and is done with utmost passion and precision..." Bandit Blues Radio USA.

"Certainly, nothing can stop Rob Tognoni...." Music In Belgium

"Prolific, energetic and statuary, one of the few true guitar heroes of the 21st century...." Bluestime - Italy

"You have to admire Rob Tognoni's stamina. He is able to sustain a ferocious pace, few could manage it...Perhaps his stamina is the consequence of 30 years conditioning. Perhaps it's natural selection..." Blues In Britian Magazine - UK

"The music is the drug, accompanied by much sex appeal..." Music Mirror, Munich - Germany

"The Australian Rob Tognoni is one of the best and also one of the most uncompromising, as well as virtuoso blues-rock guitarists in the world..." Bluesnews - Germany

"When you listen to his music, you hear a 40 year legacy under his searing lead lines..." Total Guitar Magazine UK

"A stunning guitarist with killer licks, and a fine blues rock feel..." Jazz FM, London UK


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